Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have already present my report last week. you know what that mean? I've already
finished my Diploma! the best part is no sir anuar or sir azril the magnificent!!! kidding. but I do miss my time studying in Ipoh. how fast time flies and it's already been3 years. kinda sad to leave Ipoh. so many memories.
although I'm not making that much
friend there,but still love it there. I plan to work for a while to save money to continue my study.
it just a plan though. but what ever. but I do need money. 
got to pay my loan sooner or later. jeez.. 
there's also one or two thing that I want to buy
 like a new pc tablet, a DSLR camera. 
can someone give me one for free please? in my dream I guess. 
so.. this is a few of a new picture. enjoy.



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